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Cas-Cad-Nac Farm
Alpaca Excellence in the Green Mountains of Vermont

LancelotNestled on the southern slope of Mount Ascutney in Weathersfield, Vermont, Cas-Cad-Nac Farm (CCNF) is a full-time family enterprise. Celebrating our 15th year of operation in 2012, alpacas are our life and our passion. We are proud to say that though we are the largest alpaca farm in New England, we still know all of our animals on sight and by name, though that is perhaps not so surprising when one considers that well over 90% of the current herd was born here. Though we of course have staff members that work with us and are a big part of the day-to-day operations at CCNF, this is not some casual part-time gig we do in our spare time. This IS what we do. We are, as they say, “all in.”

As life-long Vermonters, we have a special appreciation for what it means to live a life connected to the land and its use through agriculture. Though neither of us would have imagined this farm in our youth (though we are both now in our early 40s, we’ve been together since we were 18), today we can think of no better existence. Our farm has presented us with a wonderful business opportunity as well as a chance to raise our two boys in a truly unique and magical environment.

Cas-Cad-Nac Farm is a fully diversified alpaca operation. First and foremost CCNF is what is known throughout most of the world as a stud farm. That is we breed, market, and sell elite caliber breeding stock that other farmers, ranchers, or even just hobby owners then use to populate their own farms and breeding programs.

Golden RuleThen there is the fiber piece. Alpacas are after all a fiber-producing animal, having been domesticated primarily for that very purpose thousands of years ago by the native peoples of the Andean Altiplano in South America. Through our partnership in the Vermont Fiber Mill & Studio, located in the town of Brandon, we have created a ready outlet for the vast quantities of luxurious fiber that we shear off of our herd every Spring. The end products from our yearly clip are Vermont grown and Vermont made alpaca yarn, rovings, batts, and felt, which are then sold through the Mill. You can read more about the Vermont Fiber Mill & Studio by clicking here.

The alpaca business in North America has also changed quite a lot since we were first came across it in the fall of 1994 and our business model has adapted to those changes as well. While sales of breeding stock and the value added processing of our herd’s fiber represent two legs of our three legged business model, last but not least is the third leg which is the processing of some our non-breeding alpacas into meat. While relatively new to the North American marketplace, alpaca meat has been a staple protein of the Andean countries of South America for millennia. You can learn more about our alpaca meat by clicking here.

We currently have over 250 alpacas in residence here at CCNF. In the 15 years since we began to breed these amazing creatures, we have bred and bought the best alpacas we could find, resulting in a herd that reflects our high standards. Our breeding program’s Herdsires and their offspring have won numerous awards at the local, regional and national levels. Though we are by no means dogmatic about the issue of country of origin in our genetic lines – a great alpaca is a great alpaca; regardless of what country its ancestors came from -- our foundation females come from a wide variety of award winning bloodlines though admittedly with a decided emphasis on animals of Peruvian descent. It is this uncompromising quality along with an unwavering commitment to service and support that we offer to our customers. We are of course always happy to provide references as well, when requested.

We welcome visitors to our farm year round by appointment, whether it's to look at our breeding stock or just to lay eyes on these gentle and intelligent creatures for the first time. Thank you for visiting the virtual CCNF and we look forward to meeting you in person here at the farm!

Ian & Jennifer Lutz

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